Hard & Semi Hard Cheeses


A semi-hard cheese with natural eyes and a creamy, sweet, nutty flavour. This cheese ages for five to seven months and is made from cow's milk. Mayfield won Gold with thre starts at the Great Taste Awards, a  Gold at the 2010 British Cheese Awards and another Gold Medal the 2011 World Cheese awards.




A creamy tasting cheese with slight citrus undertones and a hint of nut, in a natural  edible rind. Sussex Crumble is a cow's milk cheese that is matured for 19-20 weeks. This cheese won a Bronze Medal in the 2011 World Cheese Awards and Supreme Champion in the Tesco Cheese Challenge.




A well rounded traditional cheese with creamy undertones and a rich smell having  been rind washed in whey. This cheese ages for five to seven months and is good on a  cheese board but also delicious as a fondue or on a raclette. Sussex Farmhouse was a awarded Gold at the British Cheese Awards.