A semi-hard, well rounded traditional tasting cheese with creamy undertones. Aged for 5-7 months. Good for cheese boards, fondues and raclette. Made from pasteurised cows milk.

Award Winning Cheese: 

  • British Cheese Awards (Gold)

Vegetarian: All our cheeses are vegetarian, made using vegetarian rennet.

A well rounded traditional cheese with creamy undertones and a rich smell having been rind washed in whey. This cheese ages for five to seven months and is good on a cheese board but also delicious as a fondue or on a raclette. Sussex Farmhouse was a awarded Gold at the British Cheese Awards.

This is a whey washed semi-hard cheese.   Maturing for 7 months it develops a rich, buttery texture and strong flavour.  Sussex Farmhouse is a traditional cheese and makes an excellent raclette or fondue cheese and an excellent addition to any cheeseboard.

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