ArtChocolat Chocolates


Alsop and Walker are delighted to have teamed up with ArtChocolat artists in chocolate making.

Who are ArtChocolat?
They just love chocolate and it’s endless possibilities. They are lovers of complexity and simplicity. Lovers of the colourful and vibrant and a blank canvas.
They are not a commercial, mass producing company, they do it as they just adore chocolate which reflects in their chocolates.


They only use the best ingredients and work with Cacao farmers who make their entire vision possible.

White chocolate ganache infused with fine vanilla seeds. Shielded by our Nevado 35% white chocolate shell.

Hazelnut Popping Candy
Hazelnut gianduja made with rich, house made roasted hazelnut paste, our Melao 37% milk chocolate, crunchy wafer and popping candy also! Protected by the same on its shell.

Raspberry pate de fruit supported by our dark chocolate raspberry ganache underneath, crafted using our Macondo 60%. Encased in a shell of the same.

Strawberries and Cream
Strawberries and cream, but without the heat of the court. Strawberry Pate de fruit paired with a classic and sweet white chocolate ganache made from our Nevado 35%. Encased in the same.

Morello Cherry and Amaretto
This bonbon combines morello cherry pate de fruit, and a rich italian amaretto ganache. If you are a lover of dark chocolate and cherry, this one is for you!

Almond and caramel
Our house made salted caramel, sitting on top of a crunchy house made almond praline.

Allergen Warning:  Please be aware these products contain nuts and are crafted in an environment where nuts are used.

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